On to the Real World….the Truth About Moving to a New City

The past few months have been a blur.
In April I was invited to attend a few banquets recognizing the activities I was involved in throughout college, I was “tapped” into a secret society, I went to my last sorority social. In May I took a few finals, attended the honors ceremony, GRADUATED from college, and went apartment hunting. In June I said goodbye to my family, boyfriend, and friends and moved across the country (literally from San Diego to Raleigh, North Carolina!!), and began my first REAL job. And in July, I stepped out of my comfort zone- A LOT.
These past few months have taught me a lot about myself, with the most important lesson being, its okay to be alone.
This statement would’ve scared me a few months ago. And honestly, it still does scare me. I have learned that being an adult isn’t necessarily about working full time, paying bills, or attending happy hours. Instead, it is learning to be independent.
Prior to this experience, I would’ve easily told you that I am independent, and I was, but this word has a completely different meaning to me now. In high school I made the decision of traveling half way across the country to the Midwest, Missouri to be exact, to attend college. I came into that school not knowing anyone but I quickly made friends and had a support system.
When I made the decision to accept a position in North Carolina, I thought it would be a similar situation. I thought that I would quickly and easily make friends and settle in rather quickly. While I have made friends, I underestimated the ease at which it would occurred.
I do not regret moving across the country to a place where I do not know anyone, rather I think it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not knowing anyone has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and face some of my fears. I have made the effort to meet new people and try new things- something that I never would have done if it wasn’t for this position. I have explored the area by myself and I have discovered some new places because of that!
The biggest lesson I have learned is to be okay with being by yourself. I have learned more about myself in the past month than the past 22 combined. Although sometimes it is hard, I am so thankful that I have had this time to grow.

Organizing 101

Hello lovelies!!

I apologize for being away for so long! School began and the first few weeks is always a major adjustment period for me. Today I am going to talk about being organized and staying on top of everything that life throws your way!
In college you learn a lot of life lessons and skills but the greatest one I have learned is how to stay on top of everything, even when life is crazy! For me, this means a cute planner, lots of iPhone reminders, and the occasional sticky note but it all ends up working in the end!
Here are some of my best tips on staying organized!!
  1. Planner
    1. My planner is literally my life. If I have anything going on, I need to write it down otherwise it is likely to be forgotten within all of my thoughts that circulate in my head every day. When I eat breakfast I often look through my plan for the day and any assignments or meetings that I have coming up. This is a great refresher and brings me into the mindset I need to be in for the day.
  2. Top 3 list
    1. I love making lists and crossing them off. I have found that long lists often overwhelm me though so I try to stick to a top 3 list, prioritizing the most important items first. That way, after I accomplish those, I feel relaxed for the rest of the day knowing that my most important things are done!!
  3. iPhone
    1. They are always on our person anyways so they might as well remind us of important things! I always place my most important meetings on my phone with numerous alarms so I am always reminded multiple times of my commitments!
  4. Visuals
    1. I am a HUGE visual person. Color coding is always the way to go in my mind! Regardless of the situation, if items are grouped together based on similar characteristics (i.e. class, priority, club) it always makes it so much easier for me to view. I love investing in colorful gel pens to liven up my planner and any notes that I need to write!
  5. 5 minute cleanup
    1. In my life, if I have a messy room I feel so stressed out. Every night I try to put aside 5 minutes where I can put away my clothes, straighten out my desk, and put away anything that is out of place. This way, hen I wake up in the morning I get to start fresh and I don’t need to worry• about cleaning up while trying to get ready!
These are just a few tips that I use to help keep my life sane. Without these items I would be a mess and constantly forgetting where I am supposed to be! If you have any suggestions of posts let me know! I would love to do some more posts related to school, maybe some food posts, and a few lifestyle posts as well!

Sunflower Sundays

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend my boyfriend Chad and I decided it would be fun to go take some pictures! We found this super cute sunflower field in Mizzou’s South Research farm and we spent an hour exploring!
This was probably one of the cooler weekends we have had this summer so it was nice taking advantage of the weather and spending some time outside!
My top is from Nordstroms and it is part of the annual sale! It is super cute and perfect for summer but it can also be a cute fall item with a cardigan and some booties!
I hope you guys are enjoying my posts! I am going to continue with the college posts tomorrow!