The benefits of joining a sorority…

Hey guys! I am going to continue with the college series and tell you about why I joined a sorority and some of the amazing benefits you can receive from being a member!

So starting off with a little bit of background… When I first thought about college I did not envision myself joining a sorority. It wasn’t until about May of my senior year that I considered it. Honestly the whole process kinda scared me. No one in my family was greek and not many of my older friends were greek so I had no idea what I was getting into or what benefits greek life had. In the end, I finally decided to go for it because it would be a way for me to meet people and get involved early on.
Looking back I could not have made a better decision. The whole process, from rushing to where I am now is completely worth it, and here’s why…
  1. Friendships- I have made so many friends from being apart of the Greek System. Recruitment was great because we were all split up into PiChi groups (basically your group for the week led by a couple active sorority women) based on our dorms. I met so many women that lived near me and even after we got into different houses we still hung out regularly. Once you are in your house you also make so many new friends and meet so many different people from yourself. I think one of the greatest things about joining a sorority is the “family” that you receive. Basically as a new member you receive a big and they are like your big sister, then when you are a sophomore you can decide to get a little! You become so close to your family throughout the years and it is wonderful because that allows you to meet other members in different pledge classes (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Seniors).
  2. Leadership– There are so many leadership opportunities!! I 100% recommend getting involved early because it is the quickest and easiest way to meet others and get to learn more about your chapter. There are typically so many different positions and each are designed for different people. Many chapters have a member in charge of their social media and PR which would be great if you are into Communications. There are also positions like Academic Chair and positions that involve planning large events. There are so many great opportunities and I fully believe you should try to take advantage!
  3. Philanthropy and Service- Each Chapter focuses on a specific philanthropy or service project. It is great knowing that you have an impact- even if it is small. If you are rushing and find a house that doesn’t have a philanthropy you like, don’t completely throw that house to the side! There are many women that join houses and they don’t have a connection to the philanthropy but during their time they learn to love it.
  4. Networks- Another advantage of joining a sorority is that not only are you joining a house with a number of people, you are also joining a much larger community. I have met so many alumni that were Sigma Kappas and it is great to know that since you have this connection, they are more likely to help you achieve your goals. Whether that be some one to job shadow, or someone to have as a reference, it is a great community to join.
  5. Socials- Okay this is a fun one. Socials are such a fun part of being in a sorority! They all have a ton of fun themes like Hayride or Dynamic Duo and it is so much fun to dress up with your sisters and date and take pictures and dance. A social was actually how I met some of my best friends freshmen year! It is so cool to look back at the fun pictures and see how the costumes have changed over the years.
  6. Academics- In my sorority we make sure that academics are a priority. That was a great tool my freshmen year because in all honesty the transition from high school to college can be tough, especially if you add involvement into other clubs and a hard class schedule. The academic support is great because you get to connect with other sisters in the same classes and major as you and you can use them as mentors throughout your college experience. This helped me from being able to choose what professor would work better with me and the order I should take my classes!
These are just a few reasons why joining a sorority is great but there are countless others! If you are thinking about rushing I would highly encourage it! It has been one of the greatest decisions I made throughout my college career and I hope it will be yours as well!


10 backpack essentials

The middle of July is upon us and with that means the end of summer is quickly approaching. While it is coming to an end we still have plenty of time to do a few more fun things to make this summer memorable. If you are like me, that means going to the pool a few more times, hanging out with friends, and eating lots!I recently read What’s In My Backpack? — Love, Geeky Girl  and I thought it might be a fun post to write up so here it goes!


  1. My first essential is of course what backpack to choose. In high school, I used to always choose a cute Jansport backpack. They are pretty affordable and come in so many patterns or colors so you can really pick one that speaks to you. My favorite thing in high school was to choose one that was pretty plain and I would decorate it by adding ribbons of my choice. This would also help me to find it if it was in a pile with other similar colors. For college, I have been loving my North Face backpack. I have found that in college my backpack goes with me everywhere. Because of this, I wanted a backpack that was comfortable and still cute. I also love it because it is heavy duty but still very lightweight. I go to school in the Midwest so occasionally we get a random downpour. Despite this, I have never had my backpack soaked through. Typically, you can find some good deals on North Face backpacks as well so even though they are a bit more pricey, they are so worth it!


  1. My second essential is chargers. On a given day I typically bring my phone charger, a battery pack, and my mac charger. It is so rare that I get to come home right after classes so by having all my chargers in my backpack I don’t have to worry about my phone dying or my computer running out of battery while in the middle of an important assignment. I also love bringing my battery pack. If you don’t have one I would invest in one! I always keep mine in my backpack and it comes in handy when my phone dies in the middle of a class. Instead of pulling out my laptop, I can charge it in my backpack and it will be good to go after class! I found mine for pretty cheap at Target!


  1. IMG_8034
    Typical first day of school picture.

    My third essential is a water bottle. In college, I guarantee you will start drinking water more. I always carry a water bottle with me and it is a lifesaver. I walk about 5 miles a day just to my classes and activities so by always having a water bottle with me I know I am staying hydrated. I love my Swell water bottle because it is so cute and has a great aesthetic. My aunt also gave me this water bottle that has a compartment for keys and cards. It has turned into a great workout bottle!


  1. My fourth essential is an umbrella. This really depends on where you go to school but for the most part I think this is a necessity. In the morning I typically don’t look at the weather so if I ever am caught in a downpour, at least I can keep the majority of myself dry. I have found that a small umbrella is perfect because I can keep it in my side pouch on my backpack. If you live in an area that does not experience much rain this may not be the most essential but you may want to exchange it for a nice sunscreen or sunglasses!


  1. My fifth essential is earphones. I have a few different pairs that I have and rotate depending on my need. My everyday headphones are a pair of pink skull candy ones that are relatively cheap and perfect if I just want to watch Netflix or listen to some music. I also have a pair of wireless headphones that stay in my backpack for when I am walking to and from class or working out. I also have Beats which I love! They are a bit pricey but they are perfect for noise cancellation if I am studying for a test or needing some peace and quiet.


  1. My sixth essential is my planner! I go everywhere with my planner because without it, I get so stressed out! I have had quite a few planners but the one that I am currently loving is Day Designer. I picked up mine at Target for about $15 and it has helped me stay organized! My favorite feature is that there are only two days per page. This allows me to write out exactly what needs to get done every day. There is also a spot for you to plan your day to the hour. I have tried other planners before and I have found that this is the perfect one for me. I love that although it has plenty of room, it isn’t bulky- a huge plus!


  1. My seventh essential is gum and snacks! I have had to stay for some late nights in the library and it is terrible when you start to feel a little hungry only to look in your bag and find nothing. My personal favorite is a granola bar because it typically fills me up for the meantime and it is relatively healthy. Gum is also needed because I love to chew on stuff, it will also make your breath better if you have an important meeting with a professor!


  1. My eighth essential is a pencil pouch. My freshmen year I hadn’t thought about a pencil pouch so for the longest time I was playing hide and go seek with my pens. After a month of this I got tired so I went to Forever21 and found a cute bag for a $3. I’ve had it ever since. I love my bag because it is big enough to carry all my pens and pencils but still small enough where it doesn’t take up too much space! I just got a cute makeup bag and made it into a pencil pouch!


  1. My ninth essential is my personal pouch. Inside I have chapstick, moisturizer, some hand sanitizer, bandaids, and tampons. You never know when this is going to come in handy and you need this stuff more than you would think!


  1. My last essential is Advil or Ibuprofen. I never know when a pesky headache will come around and rather than suffer through a lecture I have some medicine to help me through. This has been a lifesaver in the past and you will love yourself for thinking ahead! If you don’t get headaches then consider yourself lucky but if you do, better to plan ahead!


These 10 things have been in my backpack the past three years! If you have any suggestions on what you typically bring let me know in the comments below! I am not an expert and everyone likes to have different things but here are just my favs! Below are some other things you might want to take!


  • Maddie

Hey there!


Welcome to Mad About You! My name is Maddie and I can’t wait to begin blogging!
To get things started, here are 21 facts about me!
  1. I am 21! Hence the reason for doing 21 fun facts. My birthday is in early February and for the past few years it has been a dream of mine to have snow on my birthday. It hasn’t happened yet but fingers crossed it will next year!
  2. I am from San Diego, California but I attend the University of Missouri- Columbia so I spend most of my time out in the midwest. I always try to go back out to SD any time I can though!
  3. I am a Biological Sciences Major and a History Minor. I know- super weird combination. It just so happened that I love both topics so much that I wanted to study them further in college!
  4. I am a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority. I decided to rush because I knew no one at/going to Mizzou! It was such a strange experience for me but I wouldn’t change it at all!
  5. My favorite all time food is Chicken Nuggets/ Chicken Strips. I was definitely that person who ate off the kid meal until they were 18. To this day I will still order it and I honestly have no shame.
  6. My favorite color is hot pink. I used to hate it as a kid and would prefer purple but since college I have loved hot pink! So much so that part of my bedding was hot pink, my phone case, headphones, charging cord, Adidas, the list could go on and on…
  7. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go into the medical fiIMG_0675eld. In high school I decided to try it out so I applied to an internship at the local hospital. That experience was all that I needed to convince myself that pursuing medical school was the route for me!
  8. Recently I have found that I love going to concerts! I went to Lorde in the Spring and she was amazing!! At the beginning of the summer I went to Taylor Swift with my mom and that was another amazing concert!! I would love to see The Killers next!
  9. In addition to classes I also work in a research lab! I have found out that I really enjoy doing working on projects and presenting my findings to others! Our model in the lab are mice so I have gotten used o handling them, although it did take a while to get to that point.
  10. I have two younger brothers who are twins! One actually attends school with me!
  11. I hate black olives!! Whenever I eat them I feel like I want to gag so I avoid them at all cost!
  12. I have started to love podcasts! I am currently listening to ‘This Podcast will Kill You’ and it is fantastic! Every episode talks about different diseases that had/ have the potential to kill you. Morbid I know, but it is a very interesting listen!
  13. My all time favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls and The Office. I have gone through both series countless times and they just keep getting better. I am also currently watching Shameless and New Girl and I enjoy them both!
  14. My favorite fruit is a banana. Earlier this summer my boyfriend and I sat outside for 9 hours to get free smoothies for  year. It was such a long night but so worth it in the end! I have been getting to try all types of smoothies, ones that I never would’ve gotten before. And they all of course contain bananas!
  15. I was stung by a sting ray at a bonfire the end of my senior year of high school. I still have a scar on my right foot to prove it! Since then I will not go into the ocean at night and stingrays have become my least favorite animal by far.
  16. If the chicken fingers didn’t give it away, I am a pretty picky eater. I have gotten a lot better in college but I still love going back to comfort foods like cheese pizza!
  17. My favorite place is Sedona, Arizona. My family used to take road trips there all the time and it was by far my favorite place we go! I love when it storms and you can see the lightning light up the red rocks. I haven’t gone since my seniors year and I would love to go back ASAP.
  18. My family loves traveling! Growing up we went on so many road trips to different National Parks and cities. Throughout my life I have been collecting pins from every place I go. It is really cool to look back and see all the places that I have traveled to. I want to continue exploring in my future! One of my goals in life is to constantly explore, see new places, and meet new people.
  19. I am a morning person. I have always preferred to wake up early than stay up late. In college I have done my best to schedule classes that start at 8 or 9 so then I have more time in my day to study and work. On a few occasions I will stay up late but the next morning I will be up early once again.
  20. I am not a coffee drinker. I will occasionally drink some if I am very tired (see #19) but I try to avoid it at all possible. I would much rather have water or milk instead.
  21. If I had to be a Disney Princess I would choose Ariel hands down. Being a mermaid would be the coolest thing!
Wow 21 facts! If you have gotten this far then you are amazing! I can’t wait to start this adventure with all of you. I am by no means an expert on anything, instead I will talk about my experiences and things that I love.
If you have any questions or want to talk, email me at