The benefits of joining a sorority…

Hey guys! I am going to continue with the college series and tell you about why I joined a sorority and some of the amazing benefits you can receive from being a member!

So starting off with a little bit of background… When I first thought about college I did not envision myself joining a sorority. It wasn’t until about May of my senior year that I considered it. Honestly the whole process kinda scared me. No one in my family was greek and not many of my older friends were greek so I had no idea what I was getting into or what benefits greek life had. In the end, I finally decided to go for it because it would be a way for me to meet people and get involved early on.
Looking back I could not have made a better decision. The whole process, from rushing to where I am now is completely worth it, and here’s why…
  1. Friendships- I have made so many friends from being apart of the Greek System. Recruitment was great because we were all split up into PiChi groups (basically your group for the week led by a couple active sorority women) based on our dorms. I met so many women that lived near me and even after we got into different houses we still hung out regularly. Once you are in your house you also make so many new friends and meet so many different people from yourself. I think one of the greatest things about joining a sorority is the “family” that you receive. Basically as a new member you receive a big and they are like your big sister, then when you are a sophomore you can decide to get a little! You become so close to your family throughout the years and it is wonderful because that allows you to meet other members in different pledge classes (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Seniors).
  2. Leadership– There are so many leadership opportunities!! I 100% recommend getting involved early because it is the quickest and easiest way to meet others and get to learn more about your chapter. There are typically so many different positions and each are designed for different people. Many chapters have a member in charge of their social media and PR which would be great if you are into Communications. There are also positions like Academic Chair and positions that involve planning large events. There are so many great opportunities and I fully believe you should try to take advantage!
  3. Philanthropy and Service- Each Chapter focuses on a specific philanthropy or service project. It is great knowing that you have an impact- even if it is small. If you are rushing and find a house that doesn’t have a philanthropy you like, don’t completely throw that house to the side! There are many women that join houses and they don’t have a connection to the philanthropy but during their time they learn to love it.
  4. Networks- Another advantage of joining a sorority is that not only are you joining a house with a number of people, you are also joining a much larger community. I have met so many alumni that were Sigma Kappas and it is great to know that since you have this connection, they are more likely to help you achieve your goals. Whether that be some one to job shadow, or someone to have as a reference, it is a great community to join.
  5. Socials- Okay this is a fun one. Socials are such a fun part of being in a sorority! They all have a ton of fun themes like Hayride or Dynamic Duo and it is so much fun to dress up with your sisters and date and take pictures and dance. A social was actually how I met some of my best friends freshmen year! It is so cool to look back at the fun pictures and see how the costumes have changed over the years.
  6. Academics- In my sorority we make sure that academics are a priority. That was a great tool my freshmen year because in all honesty the transition from high school to college can be tough, especially if you add involvement into other clubs and a hard class schedule. The academic support is great because you get to connect with other sisters in the same classes and major as you and you can use them as mentors throughout your college experience. This helped me from being able to choose what professor would work better with me and the order I should take my classes!
These are just a few reasons why joining a sorority is great but there are countless others! If you are thinking about rushing I would highly encourage it! It has been one of the greatest decisions I made throughout my college career and I hope it will be yours as well!